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“What the hell is wrong with you? Just be happy like everyone else and get on with it already!”

Head to Heart Online “OMG did you just say that out loud? You suck dude! Everyone thinks you’re stupid now! Stop talking!”

Head to Heart Online “Seriously, why can’t you just be cool like everyone else?”Head to Heart Online “As ifffff you are smart enough or pretty enough to achieve your dreams! Don’t even bother, you’ll never be as good as them!”
Head to Heart Online Have you noticed that these kinds of thoughts come out of nowhere and take over your mind?
Like all of a sudden one day they just appeared? Loudly?!
And now they won’t stop and you think you’ve gone (bat sh*t) crazy?

So of course, there must be something wrong with you, right?

Yep – I’m hearing ya!

This is the voice in your head. It criticises, judges, controls, points the blame, talks down on you, and gets high on telling you stories about how every single other person on the planet is better than you. It’s a reallllll party pooper.
Most of us are stuck living our lives by the rules and stories of this voice because we don’t understand what it is, why it’s there, or where the bloody hell it came from!

But there’s another voice. A softer, more loving and compassionate voice. One that thrives on love, peace, acceptance, passion and happiness. It’s the one that cheers you on and leads you back to who you really are.

This is the voice of your heart.

It’s always been there waiting for you, and now is the time to listen.

Head to Heart Online

This 8 week E Course has been created to help you navigate your way out of all that chaos and confusion in your head and drop back into love. I’ve seen wayyyy too many people living their lives stuck in fear and letting this negative voice in their head’s hold them back from happiness and from being who they truly want to be.

Living from the heart is where you have full permission to be exactly who you are, free from the doubts, the fears, the comparison, the controlling, and all the cray cray that goes down when you’re living up in your head.

This E Course is your go-to guide for getting out of your head and back into your heart.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

The story behind the e-course

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this ‘up in your head’ gig is getting a little (a lot!) frustrating, confusing and at times, seriously lonely.It isn’t a fun place to be (believe me, I know! I felt like I was going around and around in circles for a while too), but instead of running from your feelings, wouldn’t it be cool to just get real about them and actually start paying attention?

This E Course is exactly what I wish had existed when I was lost, stuck, and downright sick of trying to be someone I’m not! I knew deep within me that I had to step it up and make some serious changes in my life, but I had no freakin’ clue where or how to start!

Head to Heart began as an intimate workshop that quickly grew into a 6 week private online coaching course with a larger group of women. The demand, results and feedback spoke for themselves and Head to Heart is now a decked-out 8 week E Course for people all over the world who are ready and committed to rocking life from the heart.

Wanna know the best part? There’s no need to keep going at it alone. You’ve got a whole tribe here waiting to cheer you on and have your back every step of the way!

Consider this your invitation to speak up and finally get real about how you are feeling in a supportive, safe and rockin’ community.

Hayley Pettit

Loving this new perspective

“Since Head to Heart, I’ve learnt how to pick up when my head is telling me these crazy untrue stories about how I look, I’ve learnt how important it is to take real time for myself to reflect and take care of myself, and most importantly I’ve learnt how to change the things I’m thinking in my head to spread positive thoughts and vibes instead! Loving this new perspective on life!” – Hayley Pettit


Heidi Anderson

Head to Heart honestly changed me

“I never expected this course to change me in the ways it has. You may feel vulnerable at times, but the energy shift I’ve felt and the growth I’ve had over the past few months makes it all worthwhile. Trace’s words of wisdom and her amazing support are what got me through some super intense moments. If you have that negative nelly voice in your head and you’re seriously ready to tone it down, then this is your jam.” – Heidi Anderson

Kate Wykstra

I have honestly never felt so happy and content

“Since completing Head to Heart I’ve been taking myself out of my comfort zone and saying YES to more things, giving less of a shit about what people think of me and being my true self. I have honestly never felt so happy and content. This course has been a total game-changer for me!” – Kate Wykstra


Head to Heart Modules
During the first 4 weeks of your journey, you get wildly familiar with your head (in particular, understanding that loud and negative voice) followed by 4 weeks of rocking life from your heart (because that’s where it’s really at!)
Week 1: First stop - Awareness

You kick off by understanding that who you are is not the voice in your head. You learn how to calm your mind with simple (but ultimately, life changing) meditations that position you as the observer of your thoughts, rather than the victim.

Week 2: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

You get cozy with the idea that what you see in your day-to-day life (your external reality) is a direct reflection of your internal dialogue. You switch gears from negative autopilot talk (sayonara to that!) and get squared right behind the driver’s seat, back in control of your mind with a few simple shifts.

Week 3: Oh Hello, Ego!

This is your introduction to your Ego, the negative voice in your head (psst… we all have one!) that attacks, compares, blames, judges and criticises everything you do. It comes out of nowhere and kills your buzz in seconds. Together we break down what it is, why it’s there, and how to tone its volume the hell down.

Week 4: Judgment Detox – First Intermission Week

This is when you release (for good!) all that judgment you’ve been holding so tightly onto and integrate all you have learnt during the first half of the course with the aid of inspiring downloadable tools.

Week 5: Diving In, Heart First

You learn the power of forgiveness and how to release burdens from the past so you are free to live in and enjoy the present moment. This is when you begin to open and connect with the voice of your heart through epic stillness and meditation practice.

Week 6: Cranking Up Your Inner Guide

You are already intuitive. It’s time to learn what that means and how to connect with it. You will build a relationship with your inner voice and learn how to tune in and be guided by it. You will also understand how to trust the power of your body and the wisdom of your heart.

Week 7: Getting Your A-Game On – Second Intermission Week

You learn about the role of acceptance in clearing the blocks that are getting in the way of you giving and receiving love. Acceptance allows judgement and control to melt away, which leads to peace and happiness – so it’s freakin’ important! This week is another opportunity to integrate all you have learnt so far, just like in week 4.

Week 8: Leading With Love

You’re here and it’s time to be freely YOU. You will learn to own who you are and be unapologetic about shining big and wide (because we need you!). This is when you accept new responsibility for the life you are creating and make the commitment to lead with love from here on in.


The goods you’ll be getting

Head to Heart Online

• 6 x PDF modules over 8 weeks to guide you through your epic head to heart journey
• 6 x 20-30 minute audio downloads where the deeper learning happens (think truthbombs and spirited straight talk)
• Simple lessons each day for creating radical change (40 in total)
• Live calls from me throughout the course in our private online group so we can bust through the blocks and tackle the fears together
• A stash of short and simple meditations throughout the course (tailored for beginners too!)

• A bunch of journal prompts and activities to help you get clear on what your heart really wants and what’s stopping you from having it
• Access to your rad teammates via a private, high-vibing online community to support you on your journey
• Lifetime access to the content, support group, and all future rounds of the course for that matter (anything I add to the course is all yours!)
• And of course, my dedicated and heart-driven support throughout the 8 weeks

Bonus Spirited Toolkit
All the tricks and tools you need to make the journey from your head to your heart in one easy spot. When fear is talking on loud-speaker (again), know that all the tools you need to come back to your heart are found right here.

Your Spirited Toolkit includes:

Helle WestonJess Bartholomew

Rosie ReesVictoria Bauman


Sammie Flemming

I Am Worthy

Concious Creating



What Others Are Saying About The Bonus Spirited Toolkit











Who made me the expert
Head to Heart Online

First things first, and because I’m all about getting real, I want to be clear that while I am teaching how to make the journey from your head to your heart, I am still learning and am committed to practicing all that I share with you in this E Course daily (I live and breathe this stuff!)

Through my own journey of self-discovery, I released the old, surrendered to my heart and completely changed my life from the inside out. My mission now is to make your journey that much easier and a hell of a lot more fun!

But if you’re after numbers and qualifications:

Tracey Spencer

I graduated as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in 2015 but I like to think of myself more as a heart-centred teacher.Head to Heart OnlineI was named the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Emerging Coach of the Year 2015/16Head to Heart OnlineI was invited as a guest speaker to 92.9’s Mindful Morning in Perth in November 2015.Head to Heart OnlineI have run workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions with over 200 womenHead to Heart OnlineI’ve written articles for and been featured in The Goddess Sisterhood and Inspired Coach Magazines and been published on The Ladies Coach websiteHead to Heart OnlineI talk real, raw and vulnerable through my blogs and videos connecting with thousands of women and men all around the world.


What previous students say about working with me

“Tracey was a great teacher and I love that she poured her own life experiences into each lesson. It was real and raw – nothing fake about it. I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’m excited to keep learning and growing!”

“My intention for Head to Heart was to be stretched – and I really feel I achieved that. You rock Tracey, you are so real and there is no fluffing with you – authentic as they come!”


“Tracey, your responses to our questions in the online group were some of the best I’ve ever encountered from a coach.”

“Tracey you rock star! I can’t thank you enough! You have helped me grow so much; this course was just what I needed!”


So what are you waiting for?Come join me on the journey from head to heart!

Head to Heart Online




Head to Heart Online

Let me take a sneaky guess at what your head is currently saying…



“You don’t need help to change you can do it all yourself. You’re fiiiiine. You’re totally happy.”

Head to Heart Online“Hang on a minute! You’re actually considering this woo-woo heart crap? You’re crazy!”

“Hellllll no! Imagine what everyone will think of you if you actually do this!?”

Head to Heart Online“You don’t have time. Just do it later, next year maybe!”


Head to Heart Online“Invest in yourself? I don’t think so pal. You’re so not worth it!”

But if you take a moment and listen to what your heart really wants, you might hear….



“Ok let’s get real for a second. You haven’t been yourself in a long time and you know it! How are things ever going to change if you don’t ask for help and try something new?”

Head to Heart Online“Aren’t you tired of putting your ‘happy face’ mask on and trying to please everyone else all of the time? What if you didn’t have to fake it anymore, and you could actually live it for realsy?”

“You keep saying you want to feel better and make a positive change, but what action have you reallllly done in the last 6 months to make that happen? It’s ok to be scared and nervous! That’s a super good sign that something amazing is about to happen! Don’t worry – I’ve got you!”

Head to Heart Online“You’re so worth it. You’re here to be happy, remember? Let’s frign do this thing!”


So here you are, at the crossroad again like many times before.

So what’s it going be? Your Head or your Heart?


P.S.  Need a pep talk? I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Head to Heart Online

Trace xo

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered each week?

The official course starting date is Monday the 8th of August. Each week you will be emailed once the module of the week is live and ready to go! You can log in to your own membership site with your individual login details, and download the audio of the week and the PDF workbook from here. The workbook contains your daily focus and activities, and the audios are where the big learning goes down. You will need internet access for this.
There are 6 PDF’s and 6 audios delivered over the 8 weeks, with extra short and sweet videos from me throughout the course too. You will have access to all Bonus Interviews from Week 1 of the course.

How much time will it take each day?

The course is set-up to have one simple lesson per day, sometimes with a meditation activity or a couple of journal questions to reflect on at night to accommodate the lesson. The more you put in to the activities, the more you will get out of the course. However, if you are only able to read the lesson of the day each day and listen to the audios each week, the learning will definitely still happen. Once these lessons drop into your awareness, the awesomeness starts. 5-10minutes per day minimum will cover it.

What if I miss a day or two? Or fall behind? Or go on holiday?

Each week there is one lesson per day Monday to Friday, with weekends to act as time to re-read or practice anything you missed. If you miss a day it won’t be a huge issue and as previously mentioned, as long as you read the short content passage each day, the shifts are occurring. Week 4 and 7 are integration weeks – meaning that we take a chill pill these weeks with only one lesson to focus on. These are your catch-up weeks to listen to any audios you missed or re-visit any activities you wish to dive deeper into. No worries if you go away, remember that you have lifetime access to this content and any future rounds. So when our official 8 weeks is up – you still have access to your login, the online group, all course content, and can re-listen to the audios whenever you like. Know that each time you read and listen again, you will get something new out of it.

“I’m bad with these things, what if I give up?”

You’ll have my full time support Monday to Friday over in the online group, as well as your new teammates that are joining you to keep you accountable. We all encourage and feed off each other in the Online Group, so you’ll feel the excitement and learn from each other’s questions and experiences there too.

I’m a dude and this looks a little woo-woo and girly for me…

Welcome welcome welcome! Yep – You may notice that some of the colours do look ‘girly’ and you may not feel called to journal straight away, but as mentioned above, we all have a head and a heart. We all have internal struggles and a negative, controlling voice in our heads. The words may be presented in purple at times, but it’s the content that you’re after that’s going to rock your world, and who cares what colour it comes in? If you’re still not sure – flick me an email!

I’m not good at meditation or journaling?

Perfect! This course is for complete beginners and also for those who have been on an internal journey for a while now. You will learn how to bring your own style to your reflection times, and I guarantee you will start to get excited to meditate and journal! Your bonus interview with meditation teacher Victoria Bauman will also help you bust through any meditation blocks or myths.

What do I get as soon as I sign up?

You will receive a confirmation email to say YOU’RE IN! In this email you’ll also receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ including pre-course questions on where you’re at and a ‘Success Checklist’ to get you set up and ready to rock. You’ll be hearing from me a few times leading up to our kickoff date with further instructions and an invitation to join the Online Group.

What if I don’t like the course? Can I get a refund?

I wholeheartedly believe 100% in everything I teach in this course and the radical shifts that can occur in your life through each of the lessons, but if for some reason you aren’t vibin’ with the course, I do offer a refund within the first 2 weeks of the course only. Note: You will need to prove that you have tried the course lessons and completed the journal prompts to the best of your ability, and if so I will happily refund you.

I’m a little nervous and scared as I’ve never done something like this before!

Sweet as – that’s your cue that growth is coming and fear is the first sign of that! You will know within yourself if this is something you need. Let your own wisdom guide you here. Check in with those excuses from your head “Ohh I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have time for it”, “I don’t even need it” – they could be the truth, but they could also be your fears in disguise distracting you and keeping you where you don’t really want to be 😉

If I miss this round, when will the next one start?

At this stage there is no set date for the next round of Head to Heart but it will not be until 2018.


More Questions? Sweet you can flick me a line on hello@traceyspencer.com.auOr if you’re ready to get out of your head and back into your heart, hit the button below to take the first step.


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