Disclaimer Head to Heart ECourse

Use of ECourse Materials
All Head to Heart material is the property of Tracey Spencer and may only be used in the manner detailed in this disclaimer.

Permission to use the material in any other way must be obtained in writing from Tracey Spencer. These materials are for the sole use of individuals registered for Head to Heart or others as approved by Tracey Spencer.

As an ECourse registrant, you may view and read all materials that are part of the ECourse facility. You may also print any or all screen and pdf file pages for your personal use in taking the ECourse, but you may not share, communicate, publish or in any manner distribute to other parties the ECourse, login and password, readings, links or any other materials.

The disclaimer regarding use of materials apply upon registration for the course, while you are taking the ECourse, and after completing, withdrawing from or terminating the ECourse.

Head to Heart Ecourse Access
Only ECourse registrants have access to the ECourse content and the private online community.

Refunds for Head to Heart Ecourse
A full refund will be available within the first 14days of the Ecourse only. This will be assessed on a case to case basis, and evidence of participation may be required.

Effective Period
Head to Heart can be completed at your own pace. You are responsible for completing the course in your own time. Head to Heart registrants will have lifetime access to all course content including PDF’s, audios, bonus materials and additional course materials.

Ecourse Support
Tracey will be active and replying to questions in the ECourse online group on weekdays throughout the 8 week course, but may not be able to respond to every single comment or post straight away. Tracey will provide a reasonable level of email support throughout the 8 weeks, and will reply emails within a 72 hour period.

You will be required to complete your registration details via and online form to gain access to your Head to Heart membership. Depending on your payment plan, you must pay the membership fee in advance or alternatively provide payment details for the instalment plan in order to sign up and receive all course content, newsletters, and additional information.

By providing your credit card details, you authorise us and agree to the instalment membership fee being automatically processed 3 weeks from your initial enrollment date, unless the membership has been cancelled or terminated.

Your information remains confidential and abides by the Australian Privacy legislation.